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Slip-sliding-Away.... The Pool Slide Makes a Comeback

So you remember back in the day, way back when a slide in your neighbors backyard leading into the pool was the coolest thing ever? We'd spend hours upon hours sliding down, over and over again. This beat the diving board any day of the week. Well, move over Old, plastic, aluminum slide.  Today's modern marvels are true water slides. In fact, the style of slide you want is only limited by your imagination. From basic to exotic you will find a whole new world of slip-slidin' in backyards everywhere.

Just for the kids Starting small and portable this is our favorit for the stop, drop and splash adventure, Pack it up and carry it wherever you go... Summer won’t be complete without the Kool Splash Waterslide! There are 7 air chambers for maximum inflation and a garden hose attaches to wet the slides surface. Grab on to any of the 8 heavy duty handles and then let go for a super splash into the pool!

Let's bring the high tower drama to the party. Luxurious Oceanfront Residential Estate 32-1056 Old Mamalahoa Hwy Luxurious oceanfront residential estate... Situated on a bluff overlooking a Pacific Ocean panorama and a breathtakingly dramatic waterfall, this masterpiece is built to last for generations. The four story superstructure of reinforced concrete is designed for any floor plan. A central 42 inch round elevator makes all three floors of living space accessible to all. No expense has been spared. First class athletic facilities include: an Olympic size swimming and diving pool, a private golf course, and a tennis and basketball stadium. Oh, and one amazing super slide...

The Hidden Gem While this backyard is a entertainers dream, the slide is tucked away and hidden mostly by landscaping. We love this because it offers the fund and thrill of having a slide while still looking elegant. Many a hours a day have been spent breaking this slide in.

Absolute Luxury with a slip Another fabulous residential slide we love is this one inlaid with thousands of tiny mosaic tiles. Not only are the tiles decorative, but add to the slipping effect as you glide down at record speeds. Keeping up with the Jones-es might be the real problem here.  If money is not an issue then this masterpiece is perfect.

Which of these slides would you want in your backyard?




6180 Egret Court, Suite A., Benicia, C A 94510

SINCE 1981


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