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Pool Cleaning. Pool Maintenance. Pool Equipment Repairs

Pool Cleaner
Refreshing cocktail by the poolside, epitomizing relaxation and enjoyment with our professional pool maintenance

Relax and let us take care of your pool chemicals

offering ACH discounts
Offering seniors ages 65+ discounts


Chemical Service

Our Pool Service and Repair Company offers a Chemical Service to keep your pool professionally balanced throughout the year. We use a proprietary blend of sanitizer, and our Service Technicians perform 49 weekly inspections annually. Our service technicians ensure that the pool is properly balanced and treated against algae, and all visits are tracked. Our team is composed of fully trained, mature professionals who make sure to use only safe chemicals and never store dangerous chemicals at your home. 

$140 Monthly

Full Service 

Our full service Pool Service and Repair Company offers weekly chemical service, including emptying skimmer baskets, vacuuming the pool as needed, brushing and leaf raking the pool, and emptying the pool cleaner bag. We also offer a filter cleaning service that should be done every 6 months, and a record will be left of all work performed.

$245 Monthly

Receive ONE MONTH FREE with Annual Pre-pay

(Does not qualify with ACH discount)

Efficient pool filter ensuring clean and clear water, a cornerstone of our professional pool maintenance services

"Dirty Filters? Relax and leave pool maintenance to us"


We offer Professional Pool Cleaning services to keep your pool crystal clear. Our team of experts will ensure that your pool is sparkling clean. Contact us today to schedule your pool cleaning service and experience the difference that North Bay Water Services, Inc can make for your pool. 


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