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Can Pool Disinfection By-products Raise Your Risk of Cancer?

According to multiple cancer studies, swimming in chlorinated pools with disinfection by-products (DBPs) may increase your risk of developing various types of cancer; however, this does not mean that people should stop swimming altogether.

In an interview with NBC News, Manolis Kogevinas, an epidemiologist at the Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona said, “People should not be afraid of swimming, but we should get more research on whether there are better practices for disinfecting pools.”

Traditionally chlorine has been the most common method of disinfecting pools, and it does a great job at killing pool contaminants. However, when chlorine reacts with organic materials, such as sweat, lotions and urea in the pool water, it produces by-products, which are a type of combined chlorines or chloramines. In addition to red eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant “pool” odor, disinfection by-products are linked to an increased risk of lung, bladder and other types of cancer.

Minimizing Disinfection By-Products with Clear Comfort AOP

It’s true that pools that use only chlorine disinfection to treat their water can create toxic chemical by-products that may have many negative side-effects; however, chlorine itself is not the real culprit.

Pools and spas that use All Pure AOP are able to minimize disinfection by-products that can cause irritation and increase the risk of cancer and respiratory illness. Compared to chlorine alone, All Pure AOP provides a more effective and complete way to sanitize pool water. In residential pools, it is even possible to lower chlorine levels to the amount found in drinking water or even lower.

Reduce Chemical Exposure With All Pure AOP

All Pure works by injecting excited atomic oxygen into the pool plumbing which combines with hydrogen in the water to create hydroxyl radicals, which are powerful and safe sanitizers that are found in nature. These hydroxyl radicals destroy contaminants in the water, reducing the need for chlorine and other chemicals.

By using All Pure, pools will have water that looks clearer, smells better, feels softer and is healthier for swimmers. All Pure allows people to swim in pools without the risks associated with chlorine-only pools, and without any of the irritation or chlorine-related side effects. Essentially, AllPure creates a swimming environment that has all of the benefits of a “chlorine-free” pool, without any of the health risks.


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