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Homeowners could be Liable…


As a homeowner, if you allow anyone to work on your property that does not carry insurance and that person is injured while on your property, you could be held liable. Also, if that service person damages any of your property while performing his service, you may have difficulty getting reimbursed.

 Anyone with a valid California Contractor’s License must have all the necessary coverage to protect their employees and the consumer. So for your own peace of mind be sure to check that any service person allowed on your premise has a valid California Contractors License.

If the service company does not have a valid California Contractors License verify that they have current Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance.  Do not hesitate to ask the question and even request a copy of these documents; you have the right to know.  A reparable company will be glad to provide you with this information.

North Bay Water Services, Inc’s Contractors License # is 664534

General Liability is carried by Scottsdale Insurance Policy # CPS1675222

Workers Compensation & Employers’ Liability is carried by Security National Insurance Co. Policy # SWC1012010

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